Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Awesome Play Makeup!!

This idea came from Emily at Not So Idle Hands.  She cleaned out used makeup containers and added fingernail polish to create beautiful, fun play make-up for her daughters.  I thought these were so cool and just had to try it out, myself! (the pic on the right is from Not So Idle Hands; the pics below are mine)

I dug through my make-up basket last night, in search of partially used and no longer useful items.  I found three eye shadow containers and one lip gloss case with a nice big mirror.  I cleaned them all out, let them dry, then dug through my nail polish basket (yes, baskets are how I organize) to find just the right colors.  I chose the cheaper polishes and those that were almost empty and got to work.

Just like in Emily's tutorial, I made sure to pour the polish slowly into each little tub.  My hands aren't as steady as hers, but I think I'll get it right with a little practice.  For now, my six year old (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BABY BEAR!) can play make believe princess without making a big, powdery, sparkly mess.


Anonymous said...

Hey Lana,
Neat Idea! Although I might be sounding like a blond for what I am about too say, but doesn't Nail Polish dry? I mean do you have too mix it with anything?

Lana said...

It does dry, Michaele. That's the beauty of it - it's solid and dry, so it looks like make-up, but doesn't make a mess like make-up. It just requires a little more imagination than the real kind.

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