Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I love Mr. Ellie Pooh!!!

First of all, let me just profess my undying love for elephants.  I positively adore them!  I think the love affair began in my childhood, when my mom read The Saggy Baggy Elephant to me. I loved him and I have loved all things elephant-related ever since.

I first encountered Ellie Pooh paper products at the St. Louis Zoo (The best free zoo in the states!  Holla!!).  I was enchanted by the cute little elephants adorning the stationary packaging and just had to buy one!  The paper is beautiful and sturdy, perfect for practicing the endangered art of the letter.  That's letter not email.

And who could resist contributing to such a wonderful cause?  This is a product that redefines the word recycle, while helping preserve my favorite animal ever, AND allowing people in Sri Lanka to earn fair trade wages!  Another cool thing about this organization - they do fundraisers!  What a fantastic alternative to selling candy or wrapping paper!!

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