Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sweet Nothings On My Ear

My girlfriend's daughter turned 11 this weekend and I was at a loss for what to give her.  I do love making gifts, but what do tweens want?  I know that her mom is a consummate accessorizer, so I decided to go with earrings made from Fimo clay.  I used Fimo soft clay in brown, purple, red, yellow, and blue to create these.

Ice cream cones:
    I mixed yellow and brown clay, then made two tiny cone shapes.  I used the edge of a metal ruler to create criss-crossing lines on the cones in a waffle pattern.  I made a ball of blue for the top, pressing one side flat so that it would sit on the cone.  I pressed my thumbnail into the blue ball, all around the edges, making it look like a scoop of ice cream.  I then made a hole diagonally through both cone and ice cream scoop with the earring stem then removed the stem and set the ice cream cones on the cookie sheet.

Chocolate kisses:
     I kneaded two small pieces of brown clay into "kiss" shapes, but wasn't satisfied with the result.  I decided it needed some other color to keep it from too closely resembling... um... you know.  Anyway, I rolled out a teensy snake of purple clay, then flattened it with a roller to make a ribbon.  I wound it around each kiss just once, then stuck the earring stem through, removed the stem, and added these to the cookie sheet.

     The bases are brown clay shaped into cylinders and squeezed so that they are slightly smaller at the bottom.  I used the same metal ruler that I used on the ice cream cones to make vertical lines around the outside of the base.  Then I rolled out another teensy purple snake and coiled it around the top to look like icing.  I left a tiny hole at the top of the coil so that i wouldn't mess it up with the earring stem.  I used two extremely tiny specks of red clay to make tiny cherries for the tops of the cupcakes.  I stuck the earring stems through and removed them, then baked all of the treats at 265° F for 30 minutes.  As soon as they had cooled, I put the earring stems back in and bent them into loops with my needle nosed pliers and attached them to earring hooks.

Once they were done, I cut a scrap piece of cardboard into a little rectangle, punched three sets of holes in it, and hooked the earrings onto it.  I decorated a dollar store jewelery box with some delish scrapbooking paper and made an attached gift card.  Sweet!!

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