Monday, October 26, 2009

New Threads!

I am so excited about the sweaters I bought last week!!  Nope, I'm not going to wear them - I'm going to destroy them!  I just couldn't wait to get them all disassembled before I started working on the first project, so after unraveling the sleeves and cowl neck of the deep plum 55% silk sweater, I started on this long, soft, ruffly scarf.  Oh, my goodness!  I believe I've fallen in love!  I plan to use silk much more in future yarn projects. 

I also picked up a sweater made of red and orange 40% silk yarn and one of navy blue and bright white 100% cotton.  I'm thinking of making a cap and scarf out of the red and orange, but haven't decided yet what to do with the cotton yarn.

I don't have a pic of it yet, but today I also picked up a very soft, snuggly sweater in a vintage-looking pale pink color that is just begging to be made into a pretty little ruffled cowl like this one.

Check out this site for instructions on unraveling a sweater.

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