Thursday, October 29, 2009

Easy Sweater Re-Design

Lately, I've really gotten into fashion re-design, which, to me, means new clothes without spending money.  YAY!  Yesterday I came across this idea posted by Brookelynn on and just had to try it out!

 I was busy last night, finishing Baby Bear's penguin costume, but this morning decided to cut up a sweater to wear to work.  It sounded almost too easy to be true, but I loved the result!  In fact, I'm wearing it as I type this!  This is what I love about re-designing old clothes; you get to keep the features you love, like the soft, warm feel of my sweater, but change the things you don't like.  The sweater I cut up (I'll post pics tomorrow) was boxy and unflattering.  It is much more flattering and stylish as a shrug, I think.  I love how easy it was, but the fabric of my sweater seems thicker than the ones Brookelynn used, so it's a bit bulky in the front.  I'm going to remove a triangle of fabric from each side on the front, next to the sleeves, because I'm picky, and add a big brown button at the neckline, because it'll be super cute!  

Try it out and tell us about your results!!

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