Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pumpkin Decorating: day 1

Obviously, the idea behind this pretty pumpkin clock was the Funkin; those hollow, carvable foam pumpkins that you get at craft stores.  Well, for future reference, not every foam pumpkin in the craft department at Walmart is a Funkin.  Baby Bear and I were cruising through at top speed, trying to get all of our pumpkins and the couple of supplies that we didn't already have, while still leaving enough time before bed to decorate them.  I saw this one and grabbed it, without even wondering whether or not it was hollow.

When we got home and I attempted to cut the top off of the faux Funkin, I was so disappointed to see a solid core of styrofoam inside.  I decided, since I couldn't return the thing and I hate to throw anything away, that I was going to cut it in half, dig out the foam core, insert the clock parts and hang in on the wall.  Please, please, please, if you're going to do this project, don't buy a solid foam pumpkin.  Having said that, the best way to get the foam out is with a serrated-edge bread knife.

I cut the foam out of the center of the pumpkin and managed to cover the room in what looked like snow, much to Baby Bear's delight.  (one of these days she's going to make me stop calling her that - maybe not until first grade, though)  That was, of course, the longest part of the project.  Next, I poked a hole in the center of the pumpkin with my craft knife.  Using the directions on the package, I put the clock parts together in the pumpkin.

I didn't bother to measure anything for the placement of the numbers; just relied on my eyes and I think it looks great.  It isn't finished, however, because I had to glue the top (or half of the top) back on and wait for it to dry.  Next, we plan to decorate it with glitter glue, like in the inspiration picture.  "After" photos will be forthcoming.

We also decorated this squash with thumbtacks that we spray painted black.  I just drew the letter "O" with a marker, and let Baby Bear stick the tacks in along the line.  This was fun and really easy!  I suggest this technique for anybody with kids old enough to use the thumb tacks with supervision.

Much better than conventional pumpkin carving!

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