Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Freecycled Fabric Bag

Ok, so, every time I do a sewing project I end up with a pile of fabric scraps like this one.  Not pretty, right?  Well, I'd been sewing like crazy and not picking up after myself for several days this week, then looked down to find this mess around my chair.  I decided I couldn't just throw these pieces away - No! Not me! - so I had to find a home for them.

I noticed the half t-shirt laying close to my pile, left over from the construction of Baby Bear's penguin costume, and decided to whip up a little bag.

In the picture you can see that I sewed three sides of a rectangle on the shirt.  Next, I cut the excess fabric off and turned it right side out.

The excess fabric included both sleeves, so I made use of their shape.  I cut a 1 1/2 inch strip from the shoulder edges of each sleeve and sewed one strip onto each side of the bag, using several lines of zigzag stitches.

There you go - 5 minute freecycled fabric scrap bag!

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