Sunday, November 15, 2009

Jewelry Box Advent Calendar

I have always loved advent calendars, but I never had one growing up.  Every year I intend to make one, but then all of my day-to-day obligations get in the way and time gets away from me and suddenly it's the middle of December!  Well, I've seen so many cute advent calendars this year that it inspired me to get going and finally make one for myself and Little Bear.  Here's what I made.

24 dollar store jewelry boxes (3 per package)
Christmas scrapbook paper
letter stickers and rub-ons
coordinating ribbon
1" circle punch
glue stick
ink pads
hot glue gun
3-D foam tape

I measured the jewelery boxes and cut paper for the fronts of all 24 of them, then used my gluestick to glue them on.

Inside the boxes were these little pieces of fiberfil, which will become batting in another project.

Once the boxes all had paper fronts, I used my 1" circle punch to make circles from coordinating paper.  I then used a rolled up scrap of fleece to ink the edges of my circles.

I got out my stash of letter/number stickers and rub-ons to number the circles.  For the 24th one, I put a holly sticker on the circle, then drew 24 on the box with a green marker.  Next, I traced the number with glue and covered it with crystal glitter.

I sprayed all of the box tops with clear gloss finish spray.  While the tops were drying, I cut 24 6" strips of ribbon, then glued them in loops to the backs of the jewelry boxes.

After everything was dry, I put them all in a pretty Christmas gift bag.  I can't wait to get the tree put up, so I can fill these and hang them on it!!  Little Bear's going to LOVE IT!!

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