Thursday, November 19, 2009

Unique Notes

I love sending snail mail, but even the prettiest stationary gets a little boring at times.  Here are some ideas for sending snail mail notes on unusual mediums.

  • Ribbon Letter
For this one, I used an empty ribbon spool and a 12" x 12" piece of scrapbook paper.  I cut circles out to cover the top and bottom of the spool, then cut the rest into 3/8" strips, to fit on the spool.  I wrote the letter on the strips, keeping them in order, then taped the last one to the spool and started winding.  At the end of each strip, i taped the next one on and kept winding, until I got all the way to "Dear Bonnie," at the begining. 

  • Book Greeting Card
I found this paperback at Deals for a dollar and, knowing how my grandpa LOVES westerns, thought I would send him a little note in it.  I wrote the words very lightly in pencil, then Little Bear traced them.  I think he'll love it - I know I would!

  • Seed Packet Card
Garden or farming supply stores have seeIf you don't want to write your note directly on the seed packet, or there isn't room, just print out this template from The Month of the Military Child to make your own packet.  Either way, a sweet note written on a packet of seeds would make any gardener happy.

  • CD Greetings
Know a music lover?  Take the cover art out of the jewel case of a CD you know they'll love.  Cut a piece of plain paper to fold in half and replace the cover art.  Design your own cover art on the outside and write your friend a note on the inside.  Mail it in a padded envelope or CD box.  Alternatively, you could record your child/children singing, reading, and telling stories.  Let them design the cover art for an empty jewel case, burn their recordings to a recordable CD, and you have a lovely way to send a letter to Grandma and Grandpa.

  • Message in a Bottle
Write or print your letter on some pretty stationary and put it in an envelope.  Wash out a plastic soda or water bottle (make sure it's big enough for whatever you're sending) and let it dry thoroughly, then remove the label.  Super glue the lid onto the bottle, then cut two 4 or 5 inch vertical slits in the side, connected by a horizontal cut (making a tall, skinny H shape).  Fill the bottle with shredded paper or tissue paper, then slip your letter inside.  You can also put small gifts in the bottle to go with the letter.  Seal the opening with clear packing tape, then cover the opening with a self-stick shipping label and take it to the post office.  (I haven't tried this yet. The pic is from Instructables.)

Have other ideas for unusual snail mail mediums?  Share with us!

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