Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Pretty Holiday Photo Holder

I wanted to make something cute to give to my former boss for Christmas.  I'll probably make her an ornament for her tree, as well, but I think she'll like this and it was SO EASY!  I bought the wooden word "Faith" for $1 at, where else?, the Dollar Tree.  The rest of the materials I had on hand.

Wooden word
Red Sharpie
Tiny Clothespins

I colored the whole thing with the sharpie first, and it ended up looking like a red wood stain.  I liked it!

Don't laugh too much at my black fingers.  I was trying to dye some fabric and, well, when they say "wear rubber gloves," they mean it!!

I painted glue on the letters and shook my crystal glitter over them, one letter at a time, then glittered the front of the base, also.

 Once the glitter was finished, I glued tiny clothespins to the backs of each letter.

Once the glue was dry, it was ready to be boxed, wrapped and given.  So easy!

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