Friday, November 20, 2009

What To Do With Un-Wearable Denim

If your weight fluctuates as often as mine does, or even close, you have a stash of 'fat' clothes, as well as a stash of 'skinny' clothes.  Both of my stashes include several denim pieces - jeans, shorts, skirts, jackets...

Being in the middle of my "buy-nothing" month, I have to search my house for project materials.  I've often had ideas for using up all of the denim I never wear, but I never followed through on any but the smallest of those ideas... until now.  Here, for your crafting pleasure, I demonstrate how I intend to use up my denim stash.

5.  Purse

These are for sale, but I'm sure I could make them.

7.  Apron (from overalls)
Use a pair of overalls for this project. Cut the seams of the legs apart and then sew both of the front legs together and then both of the back legs together. Slip over you head for a great apron. You can also use as a great overall dress. Quick and easy. (

I love the durability of denim and think that, even if you can't get large pieces from your jeans, there are tons of things that would be great if made from smaller pieces or patchwork denim fabric; throw pillows, tool belts,  those fabric flowers I like to make, casual curtains, picnic blankets, baby bibs, diaper bags, carrying strap for cameras or guitars, text book covers, or anything else that gets a lot of use.

Have other ideas or examples?  Share them in the comments section!

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